Our justice and leadership Program

Your source for legal aid, immigration assistance, and community involvement.


The Justice and Leadership Program educates people on their rights and responsibilities, provides college and career opportunities for youth, offers women’s leadership development, puts people on the path to citizenship, and increases civic engagement within the community.

Leadership Development
Women’s Group/Mujeres Emprendedora
Outreach Opportunities/Community Engagement

Civic Engagement
Voter Registration
Voter Education
Get out the Vote (GOTV)
Know Your Rights (KYR) Workshops

Immigration Services Fraud
Census work

Immigration Services
Family Based
Humanitarian Services
• U Visa

Juntos college access
FAFSA Completion
Career Symposium
College Visit

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Our programs at work

The empowerment of hope.

David was 14 years old when his parents brought him to the United States. At the time, there weren’t a lot of options for children of immigrant Latinos. But hope came in 2012, when President Obama signed an executive order for DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals). David, eager to fulfill his dreams, succeed within his new community, and begin to build a future for himself, sought out ¡HICA! for assistance in applying for DACA.

Excited about the opportunities for employment and higher education provided by DACA, our Justice and Leadership Program began to walk him through the application process. Things were going well until an unexpected tragedy put David’s entire future in jeopardy. While going through DACA application process, David lost his vision due to brain tumor. Everything he had been working toward—from his immediate future with his ongoing DACA application, to his long-term goals and aspirations—was shadowed with uncertainty.

Working closely with David during this unimaginably difficult time, the Justice and Leadership Program was not only able to help him complete his DACA application, but was also able to get him the additional medical help he needed from the Alabama Department of Rehabilitation Services.

Almost a decade later, our program still continues to assist David with his DACA renewal. With a renewed sense of purpose and hope, David, who recently celebrated his 31st birthday, is still pursuing his dreams today.

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