Be a Captain for ¡HICA!

As a Tamale Captain, you promote ¡HICA!'s 2019 Tamale Sale to your contacts at work, school, church, etc. Your friends will make their purchase online and list you as their Captain, so there is no need for you to collect money. Pick up the tamales and deliver them to your group.


Or contact Silvia Espinosa at

Merry Christmas!

In Latino cultures, the ritual of preparing and sharing tamales at Christmas goes back for centuries. Since 2003, ¡HICA! has been striving to bring that tradition—one which is filled with stories, togetherness, and love—to the community and people of Birmingham with our annual Christmastime Tamale sale.

The sale, which not only brings the local Latino community together for the making of the tamales, also serves to financially support ¡HICA!’s mission of empowering Latinos within Alabama.  

For more information regarding our tamale sale, please contact ¡HICA! today.



Order online: November 23 to December 9

Pick up day: December 13 at ¡HICA! from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.