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The Means to Empowerment

At ¡HICA!, we’ve spent two decades honing the tools we use to empower those we serve. All of the programs we offer are aimed at facilitating social, civic, and economic integration, and each focuses on different aspects of our constituents' lives. As a whole, our programs are meant to educate and empower those we serve to become leaders in their families and communities.

If you, or someone you know, is interested in any of the programs list below, or their services, please contact us today!


Community Economic Development Program


From financial literacy to business planning and development, the Community Economic Development Program provides the critical and necessary information for Latino and immigrant families to build financial stability for the future.


Justice and Leadership Program


The Justice and Leadership Program educates people on their rights and responsibilities, provides college and career opportunities for youth, offers women’s leadership development, puts people on the path to citizenship, and increases civic engagement within the community.


strong families program


The Strong Families Program serves as the gateway for people who first come to ¡HICA! seeking information, and provides them with both internal and external referrals. As such, ¡HICA! is a strong partner with community agencies and organizations whose specialties range from case management, to court, family, and victims advocacy. Additionally, our Strong Families Program houses the Alabama Language Access Project.